Weight Training Program in The Gym


To design a weight training program in the gym on a lot easier than you think. Enough to have an idea about the basics of the training process, to independently develop a program buy steroids online to increase muscle mass. The main thing is to understand the basics of what should be an effective exercise for weight running in the gym, and how it is composed.

Factors Influencing the Program

    • age of the competitors;
    • physiological data;
    • the absence/presence of injury, disease;
    • time to dedicate to training;
    • goal, which is planned to achieve for themselves an athlete.

Without these parameters to develop a truly effective program will not work.

Recommendations for Compilation of Weight Training Program

To start training on a split program, the novice who comes to a gym is absolutely the wrong approach. The reason for this lies in the mechanism of muscle growth of the muscles, which occurs when anabolic hormones are at a high level. Maximum surge characteristic of exercises involving large muscle groups. And the more involved, the better for the beginner.

Weight training program is aimed at bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids. These drugs increases the concentration of anabolic hormones, allowing the athlete to train uk steroids on the program with the involvement of a certain muscle group. Like can’t afford to newbies who need training to work out all the body. To train all muscle groups for two sessions only those athletes who go to the gym on a regular basis for at least a year.

Professional athletes say that to achieve maximum muscle mass gain in the cases when one and the same group trains once in three days. It should be kept in mind when developing programs. To include in the training it is recommended that the most effective exercises. The best to stimulate growth of muscle mass is considered to be basic training.

Therefore, the athlete will definitely need ghrp-2 to squat with a barbell, perform military presses and lying flat, pull the barbell to tilt to the chin, to do a dead pull. You should not miss your attention and exercises for the study of small groups, which are conventionally base — hammers and lifting a barbell to work biceps, and French presses with a narrow grip.

To sum up briefly, the personal weight training program to increase muscle mass is based on three fundamental principles:

    1. Inclusion in the training as many muscle groups. Better training to work in three groups to two classes to train the entire body.
    2. Work the same muscle group should not more often than once in three days.
    3. Focus on basic training. Isolated exercises are best to do as a final for pumping.

Exercise Weight Training Program in The Gym on The Ground

For three days, the last of which is devoted to recreation.

Day 1

(back + front Delta + biceps):

    • Pull-UPS wide grip (3-4 x 8-12);
    • Pull rod in the slope (3-4 x 8-12);
    • Lifting barbells for biceps (3-4 x 8-12);
    • Hammers for biceps (3-4 x 8-12);
    • Bench press barbell standing (3-4 x 8-12);
    • sitting dumbbell Bench press (3-4 x 8-12).

Day 2

(legs + chest + triceps + rear Delta):

    • Squats (3-4 x 15-20);
    • Dead lift (3-4 x 15-20);
    • Bench press (3-4 x 8-12);
    • dips with extra weight (3 x 8-12);
    • Layout with dumbbells on a horizontal bench (3 x 8-12);
    • Breeding dumbbells on the sides for deltas (3-4 x 8-12).

Day 3 — rest

Total number of training sessions is four times per buy oral steriods week. Every muscle group worked out three times a day, and each workout involved 3-4 groups.

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