Testosterone Propionate vs Cypionate: to Develop Strength and Muscle Mass


Description of Testosterone Propionate vs Cypionate

Testosterone among bodybuilders and powerlifters is three esters of testosterone propionate vs cypionate and testosterone enanthate. However, it is this testosterone ester is the fastest and combines the best qualities of the previous two. Although he at the hearing, but not so popular at the moment. The fact is that many people simply do not know about its properties and rely on the advice of athletes have not tried the drug. Testosterone propionate has been created and released in the 30-ies of the last century and originally was widely used in medicine for the treatment of potency and disorders of the reproductive system in men as well as for the treatment of breast cancer, ovarian cancer in women. At the time of its use in medicine has declined significantly, but in the “heavy” sports its popularity over the years, only grows more and more. Mostly it concerns bodybuilding and powerlifting. This drug has the property qualitatively increase muscle mass, strength and relief, while possessing the lowest side effects compared to other testosterone esters. So, for example, it is much less water retention in the body. Thanks to this quality 10ml testosterone perfect for periods of “drying” in athletes. Also, it is often used as in the preparation for a competition, and directly in front of them. Prop acts quickly and provides a significant increase in strength, allowing you to show good results in competitions. Available in sealed (by injection). Buy Testosterone Propionate can FarmSport online at a reasonable price.

The steroid profile Testosterone Propionate:

– Anabolic activity of testosterone / androgenic activity of testosterone to 100% / 100%

– It has a high conversion to estrogen (recommended anti-estrogens)

– Non-toxic to the liver

– Primenenie- intramuscular (injection (usually in the lower leg))

– It starts to act quickly enough and is kept for 2-for-3 days

The positive qualities Dill include:

– An increase in muscle mass, strength

– Promotes fat burning, it can therefore be used not only for a set of masses, but also for the “drying”.

– Increases libido

– Improving appetite

– Reduces the risk of coronary bollezni and cardiac ischemia.

– Is rapidly absorbed in the body testosterone cypionate vs propionate, it is difficult to detect in urine and blood, and so on doping control with him no problem.

– Much less delay in the body fluid, in contrast to other testosterone esters. Using Testosterone Propionate your muscles become more “dry” and relief.

– Has a quick degree steps. Already immediately after the injection you will feel a surge of strength.

– Easily tolerated unlike enanthate and cypionate.

Testosterone Propionate vs Cypionate Cycle Intake:

Propionate can be used “solo”, and can be combined with a variety of steroids, good choice is very wide. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. To begin, consider the course solo: beginners recommended dosage of 50 mg, better to put in a day; for experienced athletes – 100 mg, and the daily. As discussed above testosterone propionate in uk fastest testosterone ester. After administration almost immediately begins to operate, but its not for long enough (2-3 days), and therefore require frequent injections. At the same time the course is taking anti-estrogens – Proviron, and at the end of post-cycle therapy is performed -Tamoksifenom. The course itself lasts no more than eight weeks. If you are to draw up a course, then the output will get a good (but not as much as, for example, enanthate) quality muscle mass, strength and a great relief.

Combined intake of Testosterone Propionate vs Cypionate:

This is a steroid that can be combined with numerous other drugs. Consider the most popular options:

– Methane. It promotes rapid muscle gain.

– Winstrol. Increased muscle mass, but better “dry”.

– Turinabol. It increases strength.

Also, Primobolan, Stanozolon, Boldenone, Strombafort, Deca, and many other combinations.

Side effects Testosterone Propionate:

– Dizziness, nausea

– Decrease in natural testosterone (on the course)

– Pain at the injection site.

However, if you use the Testosterone Propionate in reasonable quantities and listen to your body that might be able to avoid them. FarmSport wishes you a more sporting victories and offers to buy propionate on our website
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