Testosterone Cypionate


Testosterone Cypionate is very similar to Testosterone Enanthate. Although half lives and active state they are different. Cypionate requires frequent take. Testosterone – the King of those who seek to gain weight without any material costs. It is effective by itself or together with other substances. The drug has some side effects: Testosterone cypionate can be transformed into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), and to form estrogen, causing gynecomastia. At the same time, the drug causes an increase in body weight. Because another side effect, water retention, the use of the drug will not allow you to dial only quality muscle mass. However, all these disadvantages – a natural part of sports course in the volume set.

testosterone cypionateThe minimum dosage of testosterone cypionate – 200 mg per week. For best results, novice to increase the dose of 500 mg , and experienced athletes – to 500-1000 mg per week. Testosterone can be used together with other steroids, but it is quite effective in itself. When used cypionate with other anabolic androgenic steroids resource guide note the appearance of apparent androgenic effects. Using cypionate improves the capacity for regeneration, as well as causing aggressiveness, thus increasing the strength of the muscles throughout the course of application.

Testosterone cypionate – odnoefirny long-acting drug. It accumulates mainly in fatty tissues. After introduction slowly released in the body. Peak blood levels occur within 24-48 hours after injection and then decreases slowly. Cypionate normally administered once a week.

Testosterone cypionate is a great choice for those who first gets acquainted with steroids. Simple course includes 500 mg of cypionate weekly for 10 weeks, and the auxiliary systems and the subsequent therapy can achieve good results in a set of muscle mass. Along with the muscle tissue of the body will store body fat and retain water, but this should be expected. For the first course of steroids is better to choose enantan or cypionate, Sustanon well-known drug is not able to create as stable level of substances in the blood. For maximum effect should be to inject Sustanon every day or every other day. However, when using cypionate, such need arises.

Long-acting testosterone esters are very useful in the set weight, and cypionate – the product easier to use compared to other steroids. It is an excellent drug for beginners. Keep in mind that the appearance of side effects, discontinuation of cypionate will not help you. As mentioned above, this is a long-acting steroid. Therefore, throughout the course at your fingertips should be drugs such as tamoxifen, Proviron, Clomid and HCG. They can help restore the body’s production of testosterone. Testosterone cypionate perfumes more than sustanon, but when using a steroid with Nolvadex or Clomid similar effects can be avoided.

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage

Weekly dose 250-1000 mg , sometimes it increase. Thanks to a long-acting cypionate, only one injection per week. This ensures a stable level of substances in the blood. Unlike cypionate Sustanon preparation requires more frequent administration to achieve the same effect. For the first course recommend 500 mg of testosterone cypionate once a week for 10 weeks . After a course of conduct standard rehabilitation therapy.

Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects

Side effects such as water retention, are observed after application of testosterone cypionate. Gino, hair growth, acne, high blood pressure, aggression is also possible when using the drug. Effect on the liver does not substantially observed only when extremely high doses.


Testosterone is the most effective builder of muscle mass, it can be combined with virtually all additives. For best results it is recommended to take the following anabolic androgenic steroids: Dianabol, Primobolan, Equipoise and Deca-Durabolin.

Cypionate can be combined with other drugs, but the athlete must clearly define for himself what he wants to get off course. To set a weight enough testosterone. To reduce water retention in the body, you need to select specific best site to buy steroids and it should be remembered that supplementation with testosterone only exacerbate this problem. With confidence I can say that those who first encounters with steroids is best to start with only testosterone cypionate in this case would be the perfect choice for you, once again, thanks to its long-term effects and the ability to create a stable level of a substance in the blood.

Athletes who use testosterone compounds should keep on hand additional drugs in case of side effects such as gynecomastia. Remember, during the entire course or for further treatment using tamoxifen, Clomid and HCG.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection is an anabolic steroid, ether natural testosterone. Different duration of up to two weeks after the injection, a powerful anabolic and androgenic properties.

Mode of action of this steroid similar anabolics 10th edition to the action of other popular ester of testosterone – enanthate. Cypionate has a more rapid inclusion into work, the highest concentration reached in the first few days after administration. This fluid retention, reviews, less pronounced.

In general, the properties of this injectable steroid gives the athlete a significant increase in mass and strength, and strengthens bones, reduces stress on the joints and increases appetite.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection: Description

This ester hormone known since the 1950s, and the most popular in the US until now. Distribution in Europe, he was relatively recently. Initially used in medicine for the treatment of breast cancer. In bodybuilding cypionate products distributed by its anabolic properties, allowing fast enough to gain weight, as well as strong androgenic. The injectable form of this ester is an oil solution.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection quite easily flavored, and is converted to dihydrotestosterone has androgenic effect that can lead to disorders such as acne and hair loss. It is also able to suppress testosterone production, which recovered after discontinuation of the drug (required to conduct post-cycle therapy).

The main side effects are readily prevented him taking antiestrogens and post-cycle therapy drugs. Most common acne, excessive aggression, libido increase, growth of body hair. In the case of overdose or neglect antiestrogens may develop gynecomastia.

Detailed instructions for Testosterone Cypionate Injection by Genesis is available at our Forum. The drug is more suitable for the off-season due to the accumulation of water, and can be used by beginners. In terms of price-quality value of injection corresponds to their own efficiency. For those who need a significant increase in mass and strength, this drug is the best choice, compare enanthate injection.

Of the esters cypionate it is one of the most common. The reasons for its popularity are hiding in high efficiency. On the other hand in the CIS market steroid on demand is unlikely to overcome propionate or enanthate. Still, they are among our compatriots are better known and loved.

How to take Testosterone Cypionate Injection?

The optimum dosage for athletes is from 250 to 500 mg per week for the duration of the course of 1 to 3 months. Practice shows that such a dose sufficient for a powerful set of both mass and strength, and at the same time the dose is relatively harmless to the organism. Experienced athletes can use large amounts of material (up to 750 mg or 1000 mg per week), but only on the needs and well tolerated. Excessive cypionate in any case is not advised.

Dosage Testosterone Cypionate Injection should be selected by each athlete individually, depending on the level of his training!

The use of steroids is common in different sports: track and weightlifting, bodybuilding, game and team disciplines such as football or hockey. However, the athletes use of the drug is not recommended because of its high androgenic activity. Even small, seemingly doses can lead to unpleasant side effects – virilization. Symptoms of virilization are both harmless (increased hair growth on the body) and dangerous (violation of sexual activity).

Testosterone cypionate buy and later can be used not only in solo. His course is good with nandrolone or boldenone to enhance the anabolic effect. Are popular among athletes and ligaments with Winstrol (injectable stanozolol) Stanobolom (stanozolol tablet) or Danabol (as well as their counterparts from other manufacturers). Do not forget that during the course, and even more lee hayward 12 week so after it may be a need for anti-estrogen and reducing natural testosterone preparations – Proviron and Anastrozole on course, Tamoxifen at FCT.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection: reviews

Opinions of athletes who took the drug, confirm its high efficiency for a set of muscle mass and strength. Also, many athletes note increased appetite during the course, which is important when the goal is weight gain.

Reviews of Testosterone Cypionate Injection will be useful for beginners and people who have not yet perform such injections. They will help you decide to purchase and to determine the dosage. Subject to the main recommendations from the reviews, the drug rarely causes side effects, but a positive trend is noticeable results quickly and well preserved – with proper exit and FCT slight pullback.

If you already take testosterone cypionate INJECTION, you can leave your comments, as others do, on our forum and discuss all issues with our consultants. Sign up here simply to enter, you can even use social networks to simplify the process.

Testosterone Cypionate Injection: Price

Steroid drugs can not be acquired in ordinary drugstores and convenience stores, so online shopping is truly open great opportunities for the athletes. Typically, prices for similar drugs (steroids, peptides, hormones) are quite high. This is due to the complexity of the trafficking of drugs across the border, especially the European Union, and the risky nature of their implementation activities.

Our price Testosterone Cypionate Injection Genesis formed honest, we’re not looking for super-profits, and try to expand its customer base through a reliable and high-quality work. For our customers, the purchase of the drug may even become more profitable – when placing large orders becomes effective discount system. Thus, your purchase price may not be lower than 20 percent, if you have a discount coupon (or if you do wholesale order, and even more).

The acquisition of the steroid is an important step in building a strong body beautiful, and our online store will be your loyal assistant. Only here to order you can get advice from qualified professionals, and even create an individual course with the help of a sports doctor or bodybuilding coach.

Where to Buy Testosterone Cypionate Injection?

Possibility to buy the drug delivery allows you to get it directly into your post office, and the sending and the recipient will remain anonymous.

We guarantee the quality of service and reliability of the purchase. Working directly with manufacturers and their direct suppliers, we can even vouch for the originality of pharmacology. If you decide to buy Testosterone Cypionate Injection of Genesis, is cause for concern does not arise. In an extreme case study reviews of hundreds of satisfied customers, they will confirm that this is a trusted store are not present. Here you can order products from leading manufacturers with little or no risk.

During our existence for many athletes have seen, what to buy Testosterone Cypionate Injection and other steroids have safe and profitable. Orders are processed as soon as possible, and mail takes about 15 days (usually much less, although the exact time depends solely on the work of post offices).

If you find where to order steroid elsewhere, and its price is very low, be careful. Most often it is a sign of a fake or low-quality product, using that, you are at risk of their health.

Buy Testosterone Cypionate Injection is a good choice for the athlete interested in increasing muscle strength and performance.

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