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Insulin is a transport hormone produced in cells of the endocrine pancreas. The objective of this peptide to reduce blood sugar levels, that is to significantly reduce the concentration of glucose. Insulin is widely used in bodybuilding, and this is no accident. This peptide gives a strong anabolic effect. Furthermore anticatabolic drug is insulin, as […]

Insulin is a transport hormone produced in cells of the endocrine pancreas. The objective of this peptide to reduce blood sugar levels, that is to significantly reduce the concentration of glucose.

insulinInsulin is widely used in bodybuilding, and this is no accident. This peptide gives a strong anabolic effect. Furthermore anticatabolic drug is insulin, as glycolytic enzyme activates and stimulates the formation of glycogen in the body of glucose synthesis enhancing protein and fat. It is important that insulin has the ability to suppress the activity of enzymes that break down fat and glycogen. The above properties of the peptide make it clear why he is the anti-catabolic drug.

Please be aware that transport hormone (insulin) are very strong and serious hormone, so it is strictly forbidden to use novice athletes. The main reason for this – a serious harm to the body, which can cause insulin from improper use and dosages. Reported cases and death.

The main advantage and benefit of insulin to the other peptides, is that it is a hormone transport. Role of insulin transport nutrients to the cells, namely carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids and fats.

Transported insulin carbohydrates give us increased energy, proteins and amino acids – the growth of muscle mass, fat – saturation respectively body needs fats. Insulin helps both in the growth of muscle mass and gain fat. To accumulate less fat as possible in the body, two rules should be observed:

  1. Diet. Add more protein foods in the diet, and fewer carbohydrates. Fast carbohydrates generally excluded.
  2. Know your body. If you are prone to rapid set adipose tissue, insulin can then only damage. Insulin works better on ectomorph and mesomorph.

Insulin has the ability to transport all nutrients, and work for a variety of accents. The hormone can operate more towards muscle building, and can set aside fat tissue. In any case, gain lean muscle mass with the use of insulin is not gaining fat – is virtually impossible.

If you are by nature thin, with thin bones, then transport the hormone will be more benefit than the time, of course, if you follow its rules for admission. In ectomorphs reduced resistance to insulin. If you endomorph and prone to rapid fat typesetting, that have increased resistance to insulin, and it will be transported predominantly fat. Therefore it is not recommended to use a transport hormone endomorphs.

Transport hormone has many effects, including the three most important:

  1. The effect is anabolism.
  2. metabolic effect.
  3. Anti-catabolic effect.

Anabolic effect.

As we know insulin helps absorb into muscle cells as many amino acids as possible. Best absorbed valine and leucine are independent amino acids. Just resumes hormone DNA, magnesium transport, phosphate, potassium and protein biosynthesis. With enhanced insulin synthesis of fatty acids, which are absorbed in the liver and adipose tissue. If the missing amount of insulin in the blood occurs fat mobilization.

Anti-catabolic effect.

It suppresses hormone transport protein cleaved molecules that consist of amino acids, as well as reduces the lipolysis process and reduces their entry into the bloodstream.

The metabolic effect.

Insulin increases muscle glucose uptake by cells and also activates some glycolytic enzymes. Insulin has the property of rapidly synthesize glycogen and other substances in the muscle, as well as significantly reducing gluconeogenesis, i.e. formation of glucose in the liver.

Using insulin in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding use insulin only short-acting or ultra.

Short-acting insulin works as follows: after subcutaneous injection (injection) takes effect within half an hour. You must inject insulin for half an hour before food intake. The maximum effect of insulin reaches cherez120 minutes after administration, and completely stops the transport operation in the body after 6 hours.

The best preparations are time-tested – “Actrapid HM” and “Humulin regular.”

Insulin-acting works on the principle that after its introduction into the blood it begins to do its work after 10 minutes, and the maximum efficiency is reached after 120 minutes. Shuts down ultrafast insulin within 3-4 hours. After insulin was introduced, you must immediately take food or enter traffic hormone after its reception.

The best preparations of insulin, there are two ultrashort it – “Penfill” or “FleksPen”.

The cost of the sixty-day course of insulin come out about 2-3 thousand Russian rubles. Therefore, the course with the help of insulin are poor athletes.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of hormone transport.


  1. The course consists of 60 days, which means that a short time.
  2. The quality of the drug at a high level only. The probability to buy a fake is 1% when compared with anabolic steroids.
  3. Insulin is available. It can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription.
  4. The hormone has a high anabolic characteristics.
  5. The probability of side effects is small, with proper preparation course.
  6. At the end of the course does not need to conduct post-cycle therapy, as insulin does not leave consequences.
  7. Rollback after the course is relatively small.
  8. It can be applied not solo, as with other peptides fg-4592 (roxadustat), and anabolic steroids.
  9. No androgenic effect on the human body.
  10. Insulin is not harmful to the liver and kidneys, as well as does not have toxic effects on them. There is no problem of potency after the course.


  1. Low glucose content in the body (below 3.3 mmol / l).
  2. The increase of adipose tissue during treatment.
  3. A complex scheme of treatment.

As you can see, the benefits have insulin three times greater than the disadvantages. This means that insulin is one of the best pharmacological agents.

A side effect of insulin.

The first and significant side effects is hypoglycemia, i.e. low blood glucose. Characterized hypoglycemia as follows: the limbs begin to tremble, lost consciousness, and understanding what is happening around, just sweating. Reduced glucose levels as well accompanied by a loss of coordination and orientation, a strong sense of hunger. The heartbeat begins to thicken. All of this is symptomatic hypoglycemia.

It is important to know the following: If you recognize the symptoms of obvious lack of glucose, the urgent need to replenish the body with sweet, which would bring the blood glucose levels to normal.

The following side effects, but little importance – itching and irritation at the injection site.

Rare allergy, but it little importance.

If you take long enough insulin, then you have significantly reduced endogenous insulin secretion own. So is it possible on the basis of an insulin overdose.


Now we know what insulin is and what will suit us more. The next task – to paint the well-insulin rate for 30-60 days. It is important to not more than two months of courses that would allow the body to develop its own secretion. If you follow the instructions correctly, then one course of insulin you can collect up to 10 kilograms of lean muscle mass.

It is important to start with small doses of up to two units subcutaneously, and slowly increase the dose to 20 units. It is necessary for what would initially test how the body takes insulin. It is strongly not recommended to crush more than 20 units a day.

Before the start of the application of the transport of the hormone you need to pay attention to two factors:

  1. Start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you get to 20 units. It is forbidden to move rapidly from 2 to 6 units, or from 10 to 20! The abrupt transition can bring bad effects to your body.
  2. Do not go beyond twenty units. Who would not recommend to almost 50 units to take – do not listen to them, as each body taking insulin differently (to someone, and 20 units may seem like a lot).

The frequency of administration of insulin may be different (every day or every other day, once a day or more). If the course every day and even several times, the overall length of the course should be reduced. If the course a day later, the 60 days will be enough for this.

Injected insulin is strongly recommended that only after strength training, and then to take food rich in proteins and carbohydrates long. Must prick immediately after training as hormone transport, as previously mentioned, an anti-catabolic effect. It inhibits catabolism process, which is caused by severe physical exertion.

It is worth noting that the use of insulin after a good workout is still some advantages when you bring it almost to the body of hypoglycemia, which is caused by the introduction of insulin, it affects the natural decline in blood glucose. After training strongly ejected growth hormone . Not recommended at other times of the day to work hard insulin. If you train 3 times a week, and the remaining 4 days of rest, you can make a shot in the morning before breakfast on days when not training. In this case, it is strongly recommended to use a short-acting insulin (Aktapid) and half an hour after the injection to fully eat. On workout days only immediately after exercise.

The conclusion is clear: if the stabbing transport hormone every day, our course should not exceed 30 days. If we have a gentle or economy mode, the course of 60 days. On the day of training after the use-acting insulin (Novorapid), and in the days of rest – before breakfast, a short-acting insulin (Actrapid).

If you are using “short” hormone, then we do an injection half an hour before the main food intake.

If you use the “ultrashort”, then we do a shot directly after the main food intake.

What would prick passed without itching and allergies, and skin is not solidified at the injection site, you should make them in different parts of the body.

To calculate the necessary amount of insulin necessary, it must be taken into account by one unit of insulin – 10 grams of carbohydrates.

Major errors in the reception of the transport of the hormone.

Error first – large doses and the wrong time of application. Start with small doses and watch the reaction of the organism.

Failed second – put the wrong shot. Prick need subcutaneously.

The third mistake – the use of insulin before training and before bedtime, which is strictly prohibited.

Error fourth – a small meal after the use of insulin. It is necessary to eat as many carbohydrates and proteins as possible, as quickly transport the hormone will spread the necessary enzymes for the muscles. If you do not saturate the body with carbohydrates as much as possible, the possible risk of hypoglycemia.

Fifth error – the use of insulin in the drying step. The fact is that very few carbohydrates in your diet, or do not. Again it leads to a drastic reduction in blood glucose, and it will have to refill than sweet. A sweet, as we know, it is a source of fast carbohydrates that are not needed in the drying phase the body.

The list and quantity of products applied after the injection.

The right amount of nutrients that you need to eat, will depend on the dosage of the hormone transport. The average content of human blood sugar, provided that it is healthy – 3.5 mmol / l. One unit of insulin lowers sugar 2.2 mmol / l. This means that even if multiple inject insulin units at a time, it can easily get hypoglycemia. If time does not replenish the supply of glucose in the blood, it is possible to get a lethal outcome. It is important to eat as much as possible after injection carbohydrates.


Insulin is a hormone that relates to the endocrinology department. There is the concept of “bread unit”, abbreviated as BU. One bread unit contains 15 grams of carbohydrates. Just that one bread unit increases the level of sugar per 2.8 mmol / L. If you inadvertently or for whatever other reason, injected 10 units, it is necessary to consume 5-7 BU, which translated into carbohydrates – 60-75. Consider the fact that carbohydrates are considered pure.

How to prick insulin.

Before pricking insulin you need to stock up on how or whether sugary foods (sugar, honey, chocolate, etc.). This will ensure your safety in case of hypoglycemia.

To prick the hormone needed special syringe called it – insulin syringe.

This syringe is much thinner than usual, and it is a small scale divisions cubes. Full insulin syringe can contain a single cube, i.e. 1 ml. On syringe division split into 40 pieces. It is vitally important not to confuse a conventional syringe with insulin syringe, or from an overdose of the drug will be fatal. The injection should be done at an angle of 45 degrees.

Before use, you dial the required amount of insulin, take your left hand and make the skin fold, preferably in the abdomen, followed by a 45 degree tilt type needle, and after insulin. Keep a few seconds, and removes the needle from the skin. Do not make a shot in one place all the time.

No need to fear, that the infection gets into the injection site. The needle insulin syringe is very small, so getting infection is not threatened. If you had to chop a conventional syringe, then you need to wash your hands thoroughly and lubricate the place where will be placed shot, alcohol.

To get the maximum effect of insulin course, we need to take into account three main rules:

  1. Dieting for weight set.
  2. Productive training.
  3. Good rest.

Is it possible to combine insulin with anabolic steroids?

To combine insulin with other pharmacological agents can be, since it is justified. The combination of 99% of cases, gives a more powerful effect than insulin solo. Use of insulin with another drug can be from the beginning to the end of the course of the transport of the hormone. It is best to continue the course of insulin after 14-21 days, that would be rolled back as little as possible.

It is important to know that any pharmacologic drug, and insulin in particular, can be taken only for professional athletes who live in bodybuilding and they earn. If your goal is simply to keep the shape, then forget about the “chemistry”, as this is not justified in any way.

If a person is sick with diabetes – then he certainly need a dose of insulin.

Do not take risks for the sake of health that would be as fast as possible to get the desired result. If you’ve decided you want professional bodybuilding and to be projecting an athlete, the first Walk to its natural limit, when the gain lean muscle mass in a natural way is not received. In general, it is necessary to achieve its natural “ceiling”, and then start “khimichit”.

Remember that you need to fully examined before use of any pharmacologic drug. It is not necessary to take any – the tests if you Kursite insulin solo. If you are using another insulin with something, you need to take the necessary tests to rate, during and after. Just do not forget for post-cycle therapy.


As a result, you need to remember a few rules of the insulin that it would not harm bore:

  1. Know your body, make sure that it is in order and ready to use insulin.
  2. Correctly and with full responsibility to come to the course.
  3. Observe clearly nutrition and training regimen that would get the most weight during the period of the course.

If you clearly define what you want to know, then it is recommended to start with insulin solo that would study the reaction of the organism, as with other drugs would be difficult to understand when there are any complications in the body. It is best not to apply pharmacological agents, since it is unknown how they affect your body.