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Essentiale Forte N (Compound N)

Essentiale Forte N – instruction and feedback, whether the benefit is? Essentiale Forte N contains essential phospholipids, hence the name of the drug. What are the phospholipids? This polar molecule, one end thereof has an affinity for the fats, it has no charge and is represented generally chain carbon atoms, the other – attracts water, […]

Essentiale Forte N – instruction and feedback, whether the benefit is?

Essentiale Forte NEssentiale Forte N contains essential phospholipids, hence the name of the drug.

What are the phospholipids? This polar molecule, one end thereof has an affinity for the fats, it has no charge and is represented generally chain carbon atoms, the other – attracts water, and a residue of phosphoric acid, it is negatively charged. Due to this structure, the phospholipids form a bilayer-like cake, “dough” had two sides represented the polar heads, and “filling” inside – carbon tails. Evolutionary bilayers – the first form of organized matter, the prototype of a primitive cell membrane.

Thus, phospholipids – the main component of cell membranes. They necessarily include phosphoric acid and some organic compound based on a carbon chain. These compounds can be different elitefitness, most often organic alcohols:

  • ethanolamine – serves for the formation of neurotransmitters in the nervous system;
  • choline;
  • Inositol – is to form of signaling molecules that play a role of intracellular hormone;
  • fatty acid – are used to form the biologically active substances.

Choline is 75% of the phospholipid membranes and mitochondria – 92%. It is a part of phosphatidylcholine Essentiale Forte N. Another of his name – lecithin.

The Functions of Phospholipids

  • contained in all the membranes of living cells;
  • involved in the transport of fats, cholesterol, bile acids.

Therefore, the drug Essentiale Forte N is used to repair damaged any agent of liver cell membranes (hepatitis of any origin, including pregnant women, cirrhosis, non-alcoholic and alcoholic liver disease, diabetes and other nepechenochnaya pathology of liver damage) and to improve bile and cholesterol metabolism.

Comparison with Other Hepatoprotectors

Essentiale Forte N:

  • It has no direct detoxification function, unlike ademetionina and other amino acids. It reduces the toxicity mediated, chronic administration, by restoring cell function;
  • NO stimulates bile secretion, in contrast to the bitterness and thistle;
  • NO has antiviral activity, unlike thistle etc.

But Essentiale Forte N:

  • safe for chronic administration;
  • It can be used in children and pregnant women;
  • drug of choice for the massive death of liver cells: autoimmune hepatitis, virus attack in chronic viral hepatitis, toxic hepatitis;
  • It has a number of extrahepatic positive effects: profilaktiruet atherosclerosis and blood clots, lowers cholesterol, normalizes the work of digestive enzymes useful in skin diseases, including psoriasis and radiation sickness;

Essentiale Forte N is necessary and healthy people, with non-diet, fatty meals and alcohol.

Comparison with Other Drugs Phospholipids: Essliver Forte Phosphogliv

All preparations of phospholipids are fundamentally different according to three criteria:

  • the presence of additional components: in Essentiale not, Essliver Forte contains B vitamins, Phosphogliv – glycyrrhizic acid. B vitamins normalizes the immune system, helps reduce cholesterol levels, but they can not be taken in large doses over a month due to the risk of hyper and nervous system sensitization. Glycyrrhizic acid – anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent of vegetable origin (from licorice root). It is similar to the hormone cortisone, and with long-term (more than 6 weeks) reception may cause swelling, headache, reduction of own hormones of the adrenal glands, potassium excretion, and cardiac arrhythmias.
  • the level of purity and stability of phospholipids (measured by the concentration of the oxidation products, as phospholipids rather unstable compound). Essentiale concentrate contains phosphatidylcholine soybean lecithin with 76% share, Essliver Forte – 29%, Phosphogliv – from 73 to 79%. The capsule Essentiale Forte N is the lowest concentration of the oxidation products of phospholipids sensability in Fort Essliver are more than 4 times in phosphogliv – more than 2. Therefore, in Essentiale Forte N is used in more stable raw material.
  • dose phospholipids. One capsule Essentiale Forte N 300 mg contains 228 mg of phosphatidylcholine, a day is recommended to use 6 capsules, a total of 1368 mg. The capsule Essliver Forte contains 87 mg of phospholipids per day is recommended to take 4-6 capsules of the drug to provide a patient 348-522 mg of active substance. Phosphogliv The capsule contains 65 mg of phospholipids per day (3-6 capsules), the patient receives from 195 to 390 mg.

Essentiale and IBS: Whether The Drug Helps?

To answer this question, we must remember that the treatment of diseases may be causative (elimination of the reason), pathogenic (influence on the mechanism of the disease) and symptomatic (elimination or relief of symptoms).

Since the main causes of IBS – diet and stress disorders, there is no way to help phospholipids. On symptoms – bloating, diarrhea and constipation – phospholipids also affect very remotely and indirectly. The mechanism of development of the symptoms of IBS – a violation of motility and secretion, goiter – phospholipids also not involved. So, welcome Essentiale Forte N in IBS is useless? No. But do not expect a rapid and complete recovery of the drug. Phospholipids improve the condition of the liver and normalize bile secretion, which leads to the disappearance of intoxication, normalization of stool and improving portability of fatty foods. Essentiale Forte N is a drug treatment and preventive, pathogenetic series. It is necessary to take a long time, for 2-3 courses per year, to maintain and improve the health of the liver, and not as a “first aid” with discomfort in the digestive tract!

Efficiency Essentiale Forte N

There are a number of Russian and foreign research, marking the effect of the drug, manifested in:

  • improving lipid metabolism (decrease in total cholesterol and “bad” its fractions, lowering triglyceride levels);
  • reducing the level of liver enzymes – evidence of an acute process, accompanied by the death of the liver cells;
  • lowering of acute phase proteins – in the blood markers of inflammation;
  • improving the secretion of pancreatic enzymes;
  • clinical improvement: reduction of intoxication, abdominal discomfort (pain and heaviness in the right upper quadrant), and nausea, normalization of stool

A Scanned Version of The Official Instructions to The Drug

Pharmacological action: the active drug substance – essential phospholipids – are the main components of cell membranes and structures. The phospholipids that make up the drug Essentiale Forte N, correspond in their chemical structure of cellular phospholipids, but superior to cellular phospholipids in activity due to a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Insertion of these high-energy compounds in the damaged areas of the cell membrane restores the integrity of liver cells and promote their regeneration; increased activity gyms in minneapolis of the fixed on the membranes of enzymes, improves metabolism.

The phospholipids that make up the drug Essentsialeforte H tolerate neutral fats and cholesterol oxidation in places, it transforms into forms that facilitate the process of metabolism. Thus, it is a normalizing effect on the metabolism of lipids and proteins; for the restoration and preservation of the cellular structure of the liver, which reduces the exposure to toxic substances and remove them from the body.


Essentiale Forte N – is the trade name of the drug to maintain liver health, distributed in Europe by Aventis Pharma. In Russia, the most common Essentiale company A. Nattermann GmbH End these things. (Germany) and Aventis Pharma (Russia).

Although in some regions is considered as a medicinal drug, in fact it contains a set of natural vitamins and phospholipids. In addition, in many countries, including the United States, Essentiale Forte N is sold without a prescription.

The product contains vitamins B complex, vitamin E and phospholipids, linoleic, linolenic and oleic acids. Essentiale Forte N is widely used in Europe for the treatment of liver dysfunction caused by chronic infections, allergies, drug toxicity or other diseases.

Essentiale Forte N Bodybuilding

Essentiale Forte N is used in bodybuilding athletes who take steroids, because of its ability to reduce liver damage caused by the intake of anabolic / androgenic steroids (especially with the 17-alpha alkali compounds).

The main mechanism of action with Essentiale Forte N – supply of antioxidants in the body and the elements necessary for the restoration of damaged cells.

The product contains mainly polyunsaturated phospholipids (mostly phosphatidyl choline), and vitamin B complex and E. Phosphatidylcholine – a cell membrane, a key component of the formula Essentiale Forte N. This phospholipid is important for maintaining cell integrity, its flexibility and strength. Phosphatidylcholine is considered an important agent for the liver, providing support for the normal metabolism of fat and the overall health of the liver. Moreover, phosphatidylcholine is a major antioxidant providing healthy liver and pancreas. Vitamins included in Essentiale Forte N formula, increase the antioxidant and regenerative properties of the drug.

Essentiale Forte N is a first product, a softening hepatotoxic effects of anabolic steroids when used in clinical trials. In these tests we examined the effect of high doses of steroids (with or without the application of Essentiale Forte N) compared with the control group (not using steroids). To determine the relative levels of hepatic stress tests used all liver enzymes.

As expected, the group receiving steroids, there was a significant increase in liver enzymes. In the group receiving steroids together with Essentiale Forte N, the level of liver enzymes was also increased, however, it was close to the control and remained in the normal range. The researchers concluded: “Communication AAS abuse severity with increasing levels of liver enzymes suggests a connection between AAS abuse and damage to liver cells. However, when used in conjunction with AAS Essentiale Fort H … hepatotoxic effect is weakened. ” Despite the fact that the results of one study can not guarantee complete clarity in the application of hepatotoxicity of anabolic steroids it is highly recommended to use Essentiale Forte N.


Essentiale Forte N distributed in Western and Eastern Europe by Aventis for many years. This compound has been approved for the treatment of hepatic steatosis and other disorders of the liver. European bodybuilders used this drug for many years due to its positive impact on the health of the liver. In 2008, the drug has attracted the attention of athletes in the United States and Canada, when in the journal Clinical Toxicology published a study on the results of its use in individuals who abuse steroid uses. Since then, the popularity of this natural product among North American consumers has increased significantly.

As Supplied

Essentiale Forte N comes in soft gelatin capsules, containing vitamin B1 (6 mg), vitamin B2 (6 mg), vitamin B6 (6 mg), vitamin B12 (6 mg), vitamin E (6 mg), nicotinic acid ( 15 mg) and phospholipid complex [polyene phosphatidylcholine] (holifosfornoy diglyceride esters of unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic acid, linoleic acid and oleic acid) (300 mg).

It should be noted that in the Russian part of Essentiale somewhat different: essential phospholipids EPL – phosphatidylcholine from soybeans containing 76% (3-sn-phosphatidyl) choline – 300 mg; Other ingredients: hard fat – 57 mg; soybean oil – 36 mg; hydrogenated castor oil – 1.6 mg; Ethanol (96%) – 8.1 mg; ethyl vanillin – 1.5 mg; 4-methoxyacetophenone – 0.8 mg; α-tocopherol – 0.75 mg

Adverse Effects of Essentiale Forte N

Essentiale Forte N is a natural drug addition without causing significant side effects.

Essentiale Forte N: Instructions for Use

Is the most common recommended dose for the treatment of liver failure is 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. Bodybuilders and athletes use a medicine for reducing stress liver after oral administration of steroids are usually at the same doses.