Orotic Acid: Overlooked & Under-Appreciated


Characteristics of Orotic Acid Agents

Orotic AcidOrotic Acid is a white crystalline powder and odorless. Very slightly soluble in water, it is – in boiling water; almost insoluble in ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, chloroform; easily soluble in sodium hydroxide solution.


Mode of action – anabolic . It provides the synthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides within the nucleic acids involved in the formation of the protein molecules. Absorption from the gastrointestinal tract is low (10%). It is metabolized in the liver to form orotidine-5-phosphate. Excreted by the kidneys (30% as a metabolite).

Application of The Substance Orotic Acid

In the combined therapy coronary heart disease (including angina, myocardial infarction), congestive heart failure and heart rhythm disturbances ( including magniyzavisimaya arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation); as an aid in liver disease (including hepatitis, steatosis) and bile ducts (caused by acute and chronic intoxication, with the exception of organic lesions of the liver and biliary tract), alimentary and alimentary infectious dystrophy chemical muscle in children, spastic conditions (in includingvasoconstriction), atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, myocardial dystrophy, anemia, dermatitis, progressive muscular dystrophy, increased physical activity.


Hypersensitivity, acute and chronic organic lesions of the liver, including liver cirrhosis with ascites, nefrourolitiaz, kidney failure.

Pregnancy and Breast-feeding

Be wary of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Side Effects of Substance Orotic Acid

Diarrhoeal phenomenon, unstable stool, diarrhea; Allergic reactions ( including skin rash, allergic dermatitis). When used in high doses – hepatodystrophy (against the background of low-protein diet).


It hinders the absorption of iron, tetracyclines, sodium fluoride (the interval between taking drugs – at least 2-3 hours). Suction reduce binding and enveloping means. Oral contraceptives, diuretics, muscle relaxants train smart, glucocorticoids, insulin, reduce the effectiveness of orotic acid. Potassium Orotate reduces the toxicity of cardiac glycosides.

Potassium Orotate in bodybuilding

Potassium Orotate (Kalii orotas) a drug belonging to the pharmacological group of anabolic that when doing bodibildingomimeet property boost bodybuilder muscle. In clinical practice, this medicine is used as a regeneration and an anabolic agent, in muscular dystrophy, significant physical exertion and conditions where necessary accelerated protein synthesis. Those who are interested in the speedy growth of muscle mass, would be interested in reading more about peptides in bodybuilding. But still go back to potassium orotate and its properties.

The Composition and Properties of Potassium Orotate

Orotate Potassium is a mineral salt, particularly biochemical substance occurring are steroids safe in the body of any living organism. Its molecule – is joined together no nonsense muscle building, orotic acid, and potassium. Orotic acid is involved in DNA and RNA synthesis, and potassium – a vital natural mineral regulating water and electrolyte balance inside any living body. Potassium – a direct participant of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Potassium orotate formed in the human body alone or get into it with cow’s or goat’s milk. He is able to significantly increase the rate of synthesis of protein molecules, and thus, accelerate muscle growth and tissue repair. Potassium orotate also positively affects the natural process of hematopoiesis. It completely destroyed in the liver cells, so the part of the fully pyrimidine nucleotides and not in the form of partial fragments. This explains the powerful anabolic effect of this drug. The drug is prescribed for potassium orotate myocardial dystrophy, liver dysfunction belkovoobrazuyuschih destabilization processes, as well as an auxiliary stimulant general metabolic processes. In bodybuilding potassium orotate is used to recover as a result of physical sports overvoltage and for general stimulation of the body of the athlete.

The Use of Potassium Orotate in Bodybuilding

In bodybuilding potassium orotate is popular fat loss revealed pdf because of its direct participation in the synthesis of protein molecules. Athletes siloviki drink it with Riboxinum that increases their power rates and promotes the growth of muscle mass. The physiological properties of the drug:

  • the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body;
  • improvement of appetite;
  • mild diuretic effect;
  • used in conjunction with drugs acting on the heart function;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • It stimulates reparative processes;
  • increases the rate of muscle recovery after intensive power loads;
  • It facilitates the work of the liver.


Dosage and Potassium Orotate Reception Mode

Admission potassium orotate in bodybuilding is usually combined with other necessary medication : Riboxinum, vitamin-mineral complexes, riboflavin, folic acid, pyridoxine, and so on, it helps to increase the productivity of power classes. One tablet of potassium orotate are inside an hour, half an hour before a meal, or four hours after pischepriema. The tablet thoroughly chewed and washed down with a little water. Dosage for sport – three, four or five pills a day, dividing them into three portions, morning, afternoon and evening. The course lasts for one month, if desired, it can be repeated after a two-month break, rest. In bodybuilding potassium orotate take exactly the same, repeat the course, focusing on their own well-being and personal effects, at the most intense strength training. On an individual basis, after consultation with the doctor, the dosage is increased to six tablets a day, the reception mode is left the same. Potassium orotate medicine is generally well tolerated and does not entail side effects and damage to health. Sometimes it provokes allergic dermatitis, which takes place immediately after preparation or after taking antihistamines. Potassium Orotate – a substance that belongs to a group of drugs anaboliticheskoy. It promotes muscle growth during bodybuilding. Also used in medicine:

  • For regeneration;
  • As anaboliticheskogo means;
  • In muscular dystrophy;
  • During heavy loads;
  • In cases where an enhanced protein synthesis in the body.
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The Properties of The Drug

The particular biochemical substance that is in any living organism – this is potassium orotate. Molecules of this mineral salt (potassium and orotic acid) is involved in the synthesis of DNA and RNA, and also regulate the optimum water balance in the living body and electrolytes. This potassium is involved in the supply of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Potassium Orotate is synthesized in the human body alone and goes inside with food (cow and goat milk). The substance increases the rate of protein synthesis, which leads to rapid muscle growth and tissue repair. Another positive effect that has potassium orotate on the human body, improve the process of hematopoiesis. The substance is not destroyed after being hit in the liver, due to which it becomes possible anabolitichesky powerful effect. In medicine, this drug is used when a person is suffering:

  • Myocardial dystrophy;
  • Abnormal liver function;
  • Destabilization of the protein formation processes.

Bodybuilders use potassium orotate, when you need a quick recovery of the body after a workout in the hall , as well as to maintain the overall tone in the body of an athlete.

As Used Potassium Orotate Bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders often use potassium orotate for improving the performance of their workouts. The popularity of the drug can be easily explained: the substance is directly involved in the synthesis of protein molecules. Bidibildery combine it with “Riboxinum” that only increases the intensity of muscle growth and strength gains. At the physiological level, the drug has an impact:

  • Speeds up metabolic processes in the body;
  • It helps to get a soft diuretic effect;
  • It improves appetite;
  • It helps strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • Promotes stimulation of reparative processes;
  • It accelerates the recovery process after intensive exercise;
  • It helps in the liver;
  • It enhances the effect of the action of drugs that act on the heart.
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Features of Reception and Dosage

Bodybuilders potassium orotate combine with other medicines that can increase its effectiveness. As a complement to the drug used:

  • Riboxinum ;
  • Various vitamins and minerals ;
  • Riboflavin;
  • Folic acid;
  • Pyridoxine and others.

This combination allows you to receive the higher strength training performance. In medical applications of potassium orotate taken before a meal (1 tablet 30 minutes before a meal) or after a meal (no earlier than 4 hours). The tablet should be chewed thoroughly and then drink water. In sports, the number of tablets may be different: 3-5 tablets, with individual features, and after consultation with the doctor can be a maximum dose of 6 tablets / day. The required amount of the drug is to be divided into several stages and take throughout the day (before breakfast, lunch and dinner). admission Course lasts no more than one month. After that, you want to make a 2-month break, and then – if desired, repeat or not. To repeat a course or not, it resolves itself bodybuilder, focusing on their health, the result of training and force effects. Potassium Orotate – a drug that is well tolerated by the human body and does not cause side effects. In some cases, it may appear in the form of dermatitis Allergy light. She immediately goes after the athlete stops taking the drug or using antihistamines.

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