Most Dangerous Steroids


This article will address some of the most dangerous steroids. Basically, it is designed for young men who want to gain muscle and strength in a short period of time. Remember that every coin has two sides, and your body will have to be sure to pay for your solution.

Top of Most Dangerous Steroids

most dangerous steroids1.  Syntol – a drug designed for professional athletes who do not grow certain muscle groups, even with the Farm. The danger is that you need to take a course in 3-4 months, and chop about 250 times at a depth of 6-7 mm. You can touch a nerve, and this will lead to wild pain, and eventually to paralysis or numbness nerve. If the vessel will be taken, then you synthol clog vein clot is formed that can lead to death, but in this extreme case. Usually, everything is easier: high blood pressure, asthma, and Syntol, hitting their destination, can cause ischemia (lack of oxygen in the muscle) may be atrophy of skeletal muscle sclerosis, inflammatory and suppurative processes. Each injection syntol differently behaves in every muscle, while there is a high probability that one bicep is bigger than the other. If you get into the muscle occurs syntol its partial extinction and the loss of its own weight, all because of the difficult flow of oxygen.

Conclusion : if you do not want to be distorted, atrophied sintolovym mutant, do not even think about using it.

2.  Stanozolol is used for drying, in this respect, he is the best. But he was forced to think about the side effects, as it literally squeezes the water out of you, making dry and tightened. A lack of water in the body primarily affects the joints and ligaments, as the basic structure of the connective tissue is composed of water. There are cases when young athletes heart stopped due to taking the drug. Sam buying legal steroids acts like estrogen, while men reduced libido and sexual function, increases the likelihood of developing mental disorders, damaged liver cells.

Conclusion: if you’re not a pro, think several times, why do you dry the body, for which you need to pay so much?

3.  HGH actually works, but it must be taken in large doses for 2-3 months. Primary and worst drawback is that it promotes the growth of all absolutely. That is, if your body is predisposed to malignant tumors, they too will grow, and you thereby will approach its end.

4.  fluoxymesterone – a drug used security forces, boxers. The essence of it is that you are increasing power rates, but the weight remains the same. Regarding side-effects it stably hurt your prostate and liver.

5.  Insulin – a hormone with many useful qualities. The main drawbacks are the complex scheme of reception, and it can lead to hypoglycemia, because the dose for each individual. People gaining weight by insulin, especially fat gain. Food must be perfect, it is extremely difficult for an amateur to the effective application of the drug.

6.  Nandrolone – good preparation for the removal of the anti-inflammatory effects in the joints and pain management, has a good muscle growth. A couple of important drawbacks for men – a languid erection, inhibition of sexual desire.

7.  Dexamethasone . The preparation consists essentially of one of the side effects for the athlete. It destroys muscles, fat delays, reduces immunity and causes brittle bones, strong water retention, disrupts the functioning of the adrenal glands.

Steroids and other drugs who walk in bodybuilding circles usually seem to us dangerous and potentially lethal substances. The requirements include anabolic steroids to “list 3” drugs, along with death and codeine sedative ketamine. With the exception of anabolic steroids, most substances from the “List 3” can disrupt the perception of consciousness and cause dependence, not to mention about other serious health problems. Although the most dangerous steroids are often greatly exaggerated, some risks still remain and it is better not to ignore.

Today there are a huge variety of sports pharmacology used in bodybuilding. While most of them, with moderate use, are relatively harmless, others can be potentially hazardous to your health, because it can cause liver and kidney damage, cardiovascular problems and even death. I have identified the six most hazardous substances used in bodybuilding today.

DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol)

Dinitrophenol is a substance that is capable of extremely short period of time to relieve you of significant reserves of oil. This yellow crystalline solid chemical used in the manufacture of dyes, wood preservatives and pesticides. During the First World War, France used it to create explosives. It has been found that people who worked with DNP began to lose weight, they have raised body temperature and sweating was observed. Even today, from taking DNPvsё health risk still poorly studied, because of this DNPuzhe no time became the originator of various deaths. In 1931 Stendfortsky University conducted research on the DNP, which found that the majority of medical deaths were caused due to the reception of the substance. Dinitrophenol fell under the ban and was banned for sale as a dietary supplement.

Dinitrophenol operates on the principle of an inhibitor of ATP molecules synthesized in the human body. ATP is used by the cell to transfer energy. The body converts adenosine diphosphate ATP, then again ATP is already converted to adenosine phosphate, after having been used. DNPingibiruet this process, in consequence of that energy is dissipated as heat. It has been proven that DNPsposoben accelerate metabolism by 50%. Such metabolic rate can result in the loss of 500 grams of pure fat per day.

Accelerated metabolism associated with the intake of dinitrophenol as directly related to the raising of body temperature. Unlike many other drugs, to which the body develops tolerance, DNP becomes more effective the more long conducted its reception. There is a growing concentration DNPv body – increases the body temperature. One mistake in the calculation of the dosage and you risk being roasted inside. If the body temperature becomes critical, because of the DNP reception can observe permanent effects of brain damage and organ, and even death.


Insulin is a powerful anabolic agent that bodybuilders used for many, many years. Insulin helps to stimulate the process of converting glucose into glycogen. He also contributes to the amino acids and other nutrients reach the destination point in the muscle cells. Insulin also has an effect on other hormones that are very attractive to bodybuilders. It increases IGF (insulin-like growth factor), LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), both of which increase testosterone. Increased testosterone levels are not too great advantage to athletes who are already taking over the physiological doses of exogenous way, however, increased delivery of amino acids to the muscles and the formation of glycogen in itself has a pronounced anabolic effect. Insulin has the potential to significantly increase in the volume of the muscles, while not forgetting about the power, but, unfortunately, the same has great potential and its dangers.

There is a huge number of different reception protocols used in bodybuilding purposes. But be that as it may, always preserved the chance that you plucked to hypoglycemic condition. If you have yet reached his prime and sugar were not taken at the right time, the result can be a hypoglycemic shock. This can lead to the development of symptoms, pulmonary manifestations ranging from life-threatening and finishing. These include cold and pale skin, tremor, weakness, and impaired motor coordination, headaches and even death. Although insulin may be used as an anabolic agent, it still remains deadly.

Check-Drops (Miboleron)

This steroid was originally designed for the treatment of dogs. It was intended to stop the estrus in females, stopping their ovulatory cycle. And although initially the drug positioned solely as a veterinarian, later it became known that Miboleron able to significantly increase the aggressiveness that was useful for an athlete preparing to speak at the event. It is rumored that Mike Tyson accepted the check-Drops on the night before the fight with Evander Holyfield, because of which the last bit off his ear. And although the rumors could be just rumors, Miboleron really can increase aggression, and has been for many years, used in their preparation of many pauerliftreami and fighters. Not very often, and not very desirable, but this steroid is sometimes taken before exercise to significantly increase its intensity. Check-Drops begins to work within 30 minutes after ingestion. Although this steroid is much more effective than any pre-workout sports complex, which you can only get it, use it on a regular basis can lead to some serious health problems.

Check-Drops is a 17-alkalirovannym a steroid that is a direct threat to the liver. Even with low dosages have been reports of serious diseases and liver damage, after two weeks of reception. This steroid is more androgenic and anabolic than testosterone, but because of its poor tolerability liver athlete simply unable to take it in a dose sufficient for effective muscle growth. Check-Drops can be useful for those athletes who lack the aggression and confidence just before going on stage, but be that as it may, this steroid is still the most toxic and dangerous to the liver in the world.

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)

Halotestin – is an anabolic steroid with strong androgenic properties. This steroid is not converted into estrogen. So estrogenic side effects such as fluid retention, development of gynecomastia and enhanced set no fat. Halotestin much more androgenic than anabolic, which is why it has been gaining popularity among athletes of power, for which the growth of muscle mass is not a prerequisite. This makes Halo favorite steroid among boxers and MMA fighters, among which an increase in weight can cause failure and weight class, that usually is not desirable. Halotestin® alkalirovan as well as on the radical-17, which means the potential for liver toxicity. The possibility of liver damage is a legitimate concern with this drug. Long-term use of the drug, or its combination with other 17-and steroids may likely cause considerable damage to your liver. This steroid is commonly used because of its property to do incredible solid muscle, which is important in the competition and made possible by the absence of conversion into estrogen. Halotestin is an effective way to improve athletic performance and muscle hardness. Its application range is narrow, and the danger to the liver is very real. Halotestin is one of the most dangerous steroids that bodybuilders only able to find. A wise decision would be to use more sparing drugs such as Primobolan and Anavar.


the EPO is not usually used for the purpose of bodybuilding. But as long as there are people who are willing to use any drug, if only to improve their shape, we have concluded that there are bodybuilders use EPO for their own purposes. EPO is a natural hormone of the body, increases the concentration of fractions of red blood cells (RBCs). When using synthetic EPO, which increases the concentration of erythrocytes, and transport gas exchange is enhanced (in particular it is about oxygen), resulting in improved endurance. This preparation is particularly entry in coaching endurance athletes, such as cyclists have. Some believe that the EPO can increase muscle fullness and vascularity, and it is because of this conviction some bodybuilders tend to use this drug.

Due to the lifting of erythrocyte fraction, EPO lead to blood clots. This leads to an increase in the viscosity of the blood, which becomes a cause of heart attack risk of blood clots and strokes. These risks are even higher during sleep, when the heart begins to decline. Problems with anabolic steroids begin to seem just a kindergarten, on the background of how the EPO is able to thicken the blood to a state of sweet pastes. If to all this we add more and precompetitive drying, the effects of dehydration can lead to blood in general will not be able to circulate through the vessels. All this easily lead you to death. The use of EPO in the bodybuilding environment does not occur very often, but such people do exist.

There is evidence indicating that all EPO may be useful in bodybuilding. But be that as it may, many factors suggest that these drugs can lead to serious health problems, including death.

Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

Anadrol is an oral steroid, first developed in the 1960s. He was called up to fight the loss of muscle mass caused by diseases associated with anemia. This powerful steroid is well known for how quickly he is able to increase the power rates and muscle volume. Levels of estrogen can greatly skaknut up, causing fluid and detain with gynecomastia problem. Since most of the weight is added is a consequence of fluid retention, most of it will be lost after discontinuation of the drug. Anadrol® use much more frequently when compared to other formulations described in this article. As well as the check-Drops and halotestetin, Anadrol-17 is a steroid. As with all steroids, this category Anadrol can be toxic to your liver. Liver enzymes rise significantly up-to-date with the use of Anadrol. This steroid is not as toxic as the check-Drops and Halotestin, but is still able to cause considerable damage to your liver. Liver enzymes can easily come back to normal, if Anadrol rate does not exceed 4-6 weeks. If Anadrol applied over 100mg dose, or too long a period of time, in which case there is a risk of serious complications from the liver. The danger rises of this steroid in combination with other oral steroids australia and / or alcohol.

All drugs carry a risk. Especially when abused. Since some are more dangerous than others, we decided to prepare the material for you. We have considered the most dangerous steroids which better get round. There are many other effective and, importantly, safe drugs avodart are available at the moment. With so many options it is not necessary to risk their health in order to achieve any purpose.

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