Fish Oil for Bodybuilding


The use of fish oil for bodybuilding due to the presence of essential omega-3-acid, derived from fatty fish species. It includes vitamins, and antioxidants. A common form of this product are soft capsules that are sold in every pharmacy.

Omega-3 is a beneficial unsaturated alpha pharmaceuticals essential acids. They are not produced in the human body, and replenished exclusively from external sources, the most valuable of which is fish oil. These acids are directly involved in fat burning process, suppress the synthesis of cortisol, strengthen the immune system, the set of lean muscle mass, speed up your metabolism.

Ingestion of fish oil for bodybuilding allows you to increase endurance. Lack of omega-3 is the main reason that some bodybuilders inferior to those who include this product in your diet. From endurance depends on the efficiency and, therefore, the result of an exercise.

Useful properties

Product shows the following value for the body of the athlete quality:

    • stimulates growth of muscle mass;
    • activates the process of burning fat;
    • reduces levels of “harmful” for the person cholesterol;
    • strengthens heart muscle and vascular system;
    • suppresses the development of inflammatory processes;
    • resists the formation of cancer cells;
    • reduces the risk of thrombosis.

These actions of fish oil scientifically demonstrated.

fish oil for bodybuildingHow to take fish oil

The daily recommended rate varies from 3 to 6 grams alpha pharma healthcare, which should be divided into three stages, coinciding with the consumption of food. Drink fish oil most often in capsules, each containing 0.5 grams of the substance, and, therefore, take 2-4 capsules a day. Best of all, as the doctors advise to consume the product month course that is repeated three times a year.

Special attention should be paid to the shelf life of the product. Expired medication is not only beneficial to the body, but can hurt. To store fish oil for bodybuilding, regardless of the form of release, it is in the fridge, drink together with food. If consumed on an empty stomach, can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Additive is not dangerous for athletes weight training program, and stomach pain, nausea and other side effects if they arise, come after the cancellation of the admission.

Side effects

Side effects In fish, as studies have shown, may accumulate anabolic steroids for sale dioxins, mercury and other toxic substances. If they are present in fish meat, then fall in the fat. In order not to face similar product, buy Supplement need exclusively from reliable suppliers, regularly conducting tests and inspections of manufactured drugs.

Preference should be given to refined cod-liver oil, passing the highest degree of purification, guaranteed not having in its composition of toxic components. There will be no vitamins but omega-3-acid is fully preserved. Possible risks associated with the use of a defective product and systematic excess of the dosage. If you do not violate the rules of admission, the athlete will receive exclusive benefits.

Reviews about the intake of fish oil for bodybuildingfish oil bodybuilding

Bodybuilders speak about rich in omega-3 acids Supplement often in a positive way. Ingestion of fish oil, as noted by the reviews, speeds up metabolic processes and burning fat, stimulates the muscle dry mass, improves condition of hair, skin and nail plate.

The only drawback to supplements is the unpleasant buy anabolic steroids taste of liquid fish oil, but athletes who prefer capsules, no feeling. Side effects, judging by the reviews bodybuilders, occur rarely and usually because of an overdose.

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