Carbohydrates for Weight Loss


The main purpose of carbohydrates for weight loss is to reduce subcutaneous fatty deposits and increase the prominence of the musculature. To achieve such a result became possible due to dietary restrictions and the observance of a certain diet. From competitive bodybuilders have two main tools to achieve the best forms for participation in competitions — masonboro and fat burning. The first period involves the increase in consumed calories, because you need to increase your muscle mass, the second — reduced intake of carbohydrates and fats, which allows to get rid of excess fat.carbohydrates for weight loss

The Success of Weight Loss is Determined by Two Fundamental Criteria:

    • caloric restriction when expended exceeds the energy obtained from food;
    • maintaining the high speed of metabolic processes — metabolism.

And if the calorie content is reduced by reducing carbohydrates for weight loss in determining energy and nutritional value of food, rate of metabolism if nutrients come cut, everything is much more complicated. Not always clear caveat on how you can maintain the flow of a process of metabolism at a high level. In practice, there is a time-tested method to maintain the rate of metabolism, concluded in fractional power when bodybuilders participating in competitions, eat in day from 7 to 12 times. Regular training is conducted with the optimum frequency through the day, also contribute to this.

Safe Period of Weight Loss

The Order of reducing the calorie implies that the first diet with clean animal fats and fast (simple) carbs. Fats with carbohydrates continue to be cut only in those cases where the reduction ration is not sufficient. Should comply with the measure and reduce the energy value of the ration gradually, and not abruptly, which may cause deterioration of health.

Start should reduce the usual caloric content by 10% without any changes in the training schedule. This will allow you to throw a small amount of weight. If after a week of such a regime was not lost even one kilogram, the energy value of the diet is reduced by an additional 10%. And if usually consumed 3000 calories, this number was reduced to 2700, and a week later check the effectiveness of such restrictions. It should reduce carbohydrates for weight loss and small amount of fats and proteins to leave, as their deficiencies can lead to a rapid loss of muscle mass.

Weight Loss the same diet lipid stabil, but aimed not at the “extreme” weight loss and reduction in body fat with preservation of muscle. It also determines the type of physical activity, which must adhere to an athlete during this period. Weight loss on cutting not mean you have to run and do cardio. Jogging promote weight loss, but along with the pounds go away and muscle tissue. The reason for this is that high-intensity cardio occurs a surge of synthesis of stress hormones that have a catabolic (destructive) effect on muscles.

carbohydrates and weight lossTo minimize the loss of muscle tissue, you should train between 60 and 90 minutes, giving preference to anaerobic stress. If the training lasts more than one and a half hours, start to synthesize a catabolic hormones. Instead of running, you can do brisk walk. Hours this load is sufficient to start the process of burning fat without affecting muscle fibers.

How Many Carbohydrates for Weight Loss per Day

To carbohydrates for weight loss has the greatest effect, the diet must be balanced. Menu has 40-45% consists of carbohydrates and at least 10% — from fats of vegetable origin. Carbs are eaten only slow that are digested for a long time, well satisfy hunger, permanently nourish the body. You can eat unsweetened fruit fruits, nuts, cereals, vegetables. Food that is fast carbs should be avoided at all because they are deposited in fat. We should not forget about the protein, the amount of which is 1.5-2 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight of the athlete.

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