Are Steroids Safe? Studies with Real Dosages


Yes, the use of are steroids safe in bodybuilding was rampant. But first of all for us – builders – important truth. Today, doctors and scientists make sharp and unsubstantiated claims, exaggerating the dangers of steroids and inflating it to a universal scale. Such a distortion of the truth discredits the person of our sport, supposedly pushing athletes to use performance enhancing drugs deaths. That’s why we decided to publish an interview with Dr. Jose Antonio, one of the leading experts in the field of sports physiology. He had a serious study of the effect of androgens on the men (the main consumers of these drugs). The findings, which he did, are able to hit anyone.

After reading your research it seems that steroids are safe as, say, protein powders, but there are a hundred times more effective.

– Look, only an idiot could believe that steroids are deadly! Let’s just look at a couple of key issues. First, how many people in the world to apply and uses steroids? One million, two, or even three. Died anyone solely because of steroids? For example, from an overdose? No such cases had happened. But 1-3 million – is only a rough estimation! Let’s face it: 99.9 percent of the top bodybuilders have taken and are taking steroids. In the US, androgens came into use in the late 50s. “I start in life” they gave John B. Ziegler, weightlifting team doctor. And he told about steroids USSR team doctor – Soviet weightlifters “out” on anabolics earlier.

Over time, athletes around the world began to combine different drugs (and other steroids) to effectively increase the “weight” and improve their athletic performance. Think about it: the history of the use of anabolic steroids dates back almost half a century and take their millions! If androgens, really, so fatally harmful, then where millions of deaths? Where is she, “steroid” pandemic? Why bodybuilders old school “not peremerli all the polls, like cockroaches after delousing Give me at least one who died from these?” The devil “of drugs seems to be, we have three examples – Momo Benaziza, Lyle Alzeydo and Andreas Munzer But with them. not all clear Who knows what really killed these guys Diuretics Cytadren that’s far more likely the strangest in the hypothesis of the mortal danger of androgens -???. is a striking absence of supporting its data essentially, it is based only on hearsay! .

Yet androgens – it is not a trifle! You do not deny that at stake is the health of the person?

– The use of androgens is usually associated with liver cancer, heart disease, increased risk of injuries, disorders of the reproductive system, and psychological problems. What can we say about these side effects? I would divide them into fatal and non-fatal. Rupture of the Achilles tendon is not lethal, as well as testicular atrophy and gynecomastia. Of course, all this serious disease. But they do not lead to death!

And what about cardiovascular disease and liver disease?

– Assimilation androgen occurs mainly in the liver. It is therefore logical that the liver hit the “risk group”. Most often liver problems arise when internal use only potent androgen (eg, oksimetalona, stanozolol, oxandrolone). I am aware of 23 cases when steroid has led to a serious liver disease: local or spilled tissue damage with hemorrhages. In all 23 cases, they were sick people in old age, which androgens are prescribed by the doctor. Of course, sometimes the liver function is impaired and athletes, with “OTC” taking anabolic steroids. But as a rule, all of these disorders are reversible, and serious complications are extremely rare. In the scientific literature, I found a few examples of serious diseases in young and healthy bodybuilders. One story is really tragic 26-year-old athlete died of liver cancer. For four years, I took a lot of different active androgens, although the application of the scheme remained unknown. Other bodybuilder took oksimetalon five years and was admitted to hospital with liver adenoma. Fortunately, he was lucky – the surgeons removed the tumor, and he survived.
And yet, I stress again: severe disorders of liver function in athletes taking steroids, is extremely rare. Note are steroids safe taken by millions of people, and the severe consequences of a one-two and miscalculated. Incidentally, in this respect, interesting results of the study: Patients on prescription of doctors took androgens within 3-5 years – and no problems with the liver have not encountered! The only side effect was that patients initially decreased levels of “good” cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels increased. But after 2-3 months all returned to normal.

Yes, but these patients receiving therapeutic doses of steroids! It is not comparable to those megadoses that “absorb” modern bodybuilders.

– Of course, there were prescribed small doses. But at least now it is clear that steroids are not always harmful. It is one thing – to eat and another -zloupotreblyat!

– Just three letters were added, and what a big difference! Well, what about heart disease?

– Effect of anabolic steroids on blood lipids today already well known. Nandrolone and testosterone drugs do not have a strong effect on the lipid composition of the blood, and because they are not as dangerous for the heart and blood vessels. But anabolic steroids such as stanozolol or oksimetalona dramatically reduce the level of high-density lipoprotein ( “good” cholesterol) and increase total cholesterol levels in the blood. No wonder that bodybuilders in the blood, “sitting” on are steroids safe, sometimes almost no high-density lipoprotein. And they are required to move the “bad” cholesterol in the liver and its withdrawal from the body. One would assume that athletes who take anabolic steroids increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But, oddly enough, there is no evidence for this! I foresee your objections, saying that early to draw conclusions, and it is unknown what will happen to these people on, in 50-60 years. But bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other athletes these forty years as a take steroids! It would seem that they have to die one by one, but this is, as you see, does not occur. Moreover, almost all representatives of the “old guard” and the builders are now in great shape.

Enough to you! What they then took – just innocent multivitamin, if you put them side by side with today’s “chemistry”! What there can be a comparison?

– Of course, the current dose, and modern drugs are not comparable to what it was before. Perhaps we have to wait another 20 years, and we will see how to give nightmares megadoses of steroids, and other drugs such as growth hormone and IGF-1. All right! But even if some of today’s “consumer chemicals” seriously ill in the future, how do you know that it is to blame steroids? Or maybe it’s some other hormone? Or the reason is a combination of steroids with protein powder?

Let’s put the question squarely. All of these problems with the liver, heart and blood vessels – reparable or not? In short, I can say, I take what I want and what I want – and do not think about the adverse consequences?

– Although the probability to earn cardiovascular disease
is low, several heart attacks were associated with taking anabolic steroids. However, again, it is not known what role is played by the actual steroids. After all, it is necessary to take into account other risk factors: heredity, poor diet, being overweight. And this work done was not. For individuals susceptible to cardiac diseases, are steroids safe, probably dangerous. But among healthy athletes taking steroids, heart attacks are extremely rare.

And if, say, someone decided to “play around” anabolics, but at the same time wants to make it safe for you?

– There are cases when androgens were prescribed for a very long period of time (six months to a year) and the negative side effects were either minimal or not observed at all. For example, the World Health Organization has studied the use of testosterone enanthate (mild androgen) as a contraceptive for men.
The experiment involved 271 people from 7 countries. Once a week during the year, they were given a 200 mg. In sum, each man received about 10,000 mg, and the drug was very effective contraceptive. At the same time the side effects were minimal and completely reversible. One more example. Teenage boys with hypertrophy of growth throughout the year, too, do weekly injections of 250 mg testosterone enanthate. Approximately 10 years after treatment of testicular size and reproductive capacity of all patients fully comply with the norm. Also recently in the British Medical Journal had reported that ten weekly injections of 600 mg of the same drug cause a marked increase in muscle “mass” and trainees, and netreniruyuschihsya men. None of them observed significant changes in triglyceride levels of “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Meanwhile, the dose they received, ten times higher than the therapeutic and three times -kontratseptivnuyu! Where are all these suicidal side effects? Of course, the 200-600 milligrams pale in comparison with the doses that take today’s leading bodybuilders. But again we see that the androgens are not always harmful.

Summarize. How do you think – are harmful steroids or not?

– To date, there is no hard evidence that would confirm the “mortal” danger of steroids. Without a doubt, taking steroids, people are always in danger. But before drawing conclusions, it is necessary to accurately determine the degree of risk. Frankly, the risk of death in a car accident is much higher than that of anabolic steroids. But this does not mean that we should ban cars or never get behind the wheel. The risk of accident is dependent on the speed, the driver’s experience, the technical characteristics of the car. The same applies to the anabolic steroids. Steroid type, the duration of its use, heredity athlete – all affect the level of risk. But in real life there is always a risk. To minimize side effects, physicians should advise athletes taking are steroids safe. Intimidation tactic does no credit to physicians and scientists. Excessive use of steroids is unacceptable, but the ban we will not achieve anything. The best solution – an open and honest conversation about the real consequences of the use of steroids.

Do I Need Steroids?

Anyone exercising sooner or later faces the challenge of stopping the growth of muscle mass. When changing your exercise program and diet optimization finally stop working, increasingly come to mind about the use of anabolic steroids.

However, before deciding on the use of steroids for muscle growth, you must objectively weigh the consequences. It is important to consider not just the pros – a set of 5-10 kg of muscle and burning fat, but also disadvantages – for the physical and psychological health risks.

What Are Steroids?

Anabolic steroids – are chemicals that accelerate the formation and regeneration of cells, tissues, muscle strengthening structures and other anabolic processes. In sport it is used as a drug that increases endurance and increases muscle mass.

Steroids are synthetic variation of male sex hormones (testosterone and others), simulating when ingested their action. There are 50-ies of the last century, originally used to combat muscle loss in bedridden patients .

How Do Steroids?

The mechanism of action of steroids is divided into an anabolic (tissue growth by increasing the body’s ability to convert protein into muscle cells) and androgenic (increase in secondary male sex characteristics – masculinization and virilization).

Advantages of steroids in bodybuilding is an increase in power rates, accelerating the recovery process, a set of muscle mass and decrease fat. On the downside of steroids are the health risks and the formation of psychological dependence.

Psychological Dependence

Acceptance of anabolic steroids increases testosterone levels, impacting not only on the body (muscle growth, increased libido, sexual desire), but also the brain. Being “on course”, the man feels more confident, sociable and clear thinking.

After cessation of anabolic steroids testosterone levels decrease, leading to a syndrome of “rollback”, characterized by depression and a significant decrease in libido (1) . Given the fact that to gain muscle mass goes, over and over again is pushing to repeat the cycle.

The Damage and The Consequences of Taking Steroids

Typical satellite receiving anabolic steroids are crunching and joint pain, hair loss, new or worsening acne on the face and on the body, high blood pressure, an increase in the nipples and breasts in men (gynecomastia), rage and aggression (2) .

Many of the negative effects of steroids on the brain appear only after years and decades. Scientific research suggests that steroids not only increases the workload on the heart (3) , increasing the risk of heart attack , but also can lead to cancer (4) .

Are Safe Steroids?

It is widely believed that the drug stanozolol (known under the brand name ‘Winstrol’) is the safest steroid due to the fact that most of the negative consequences for physical health is easily minimized post-course therapy.

However, it does not take into account that the reception stanozanola, like other anabolic steroids alters the brain, creating serious risks for people who are prone to bigoreksii , depressions and manias. In addition, the first course of Winstrol almost never last.

How to Buy Legal Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are included in the list of controlled drugs available for use only by prescription. The illegal sale, possession and, in some cases, even the use of steroids is against the law and can lead to criminal liability.

Internet sites offering to buy legal anabolic steroids delivered almost 100% of cases, selling dummies – the seller to make a claim and demand their money back you can not, because the fact of buying steroids is illegal.

It is important to remember not only the advantages of steroids – the fast muscle growth, but also about their health effects – disturbances of the liver and heart. It should also be taken into account and the formation of psychological dependence on are steroids safe, making you repeat a course.

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