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Preparation YK-11 refers to a class of SARMs, i.e. selectively activates the hormone receptors in muscle tissues. The effect of the drug is similar to the effect of taking steroids, but the action Miostopa stronger and side effects have not been identified. In addition, the tool gives long-term results.

Primarily YK-11 – myostatin blocker, it prevents muscle growth retardation at the genetic level. Miostop highly anabolic efficiency Under the influence of the drug muscles begin to grow more intense, and the result is stored for a long time after the termination of the course.

According to recent studies, the drug has no negative effects. Moreover, Miostop helps restore the body and intense muscle growth, increase strength and improve endurance. The drug is not toxic.

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Studies of the drug YK-11

For the first time YK-11 was discovered by Japanese scientists, preliminary research results were published in 2011. During the experiments, experts found that the tool has a more powerful anabolic effects than classical steroids. YK-11 interacts with the androgen receptor, thus inhibits the action of myostatin – a protein that slows muscle growth. While scientists explore exactly how the drug acts on the protein.

Unlike hormones, YK-11 does not cause side effects typical of androgenic agents, such as growth of body hair, increased aggression and prostate growth. Experiments with muscle cells showed that the YK-11 has a much greater anabolic activity than many other hormones and SARMs. This supplement stimulates a more active production of proteins that are at the genetic level are responsible for the education and development of muscles. This is due to the fact that the drug stimulates the production of muscle cells follistatin (binding protein).

The researchers hypothesized that the YK-11 was as effective for strengthening the muscles, as well as testosterone, but does not have the side effects typical of this hormone.

While studies of the drug continues, studied its properties and compatibility with other drugs and substances.


Miostop YK-11 showed good results in the recruitment of muscle: Results appear quickly and stored for a long time. The drug effect provides a powerful, while it avoids the complications and side effects.

Miostop prevents physiological and biochemical damage to neurons, improve cerebral blood circulation, slow down the process of cell death.


Recommended dosage and weighs 80-85 kg athlete is 10 mg per day.


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