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Parabolan is a powerful steroid, a characteristic feature of which is the lack of flavoring. The basis of the drug is trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. Initially, the tool was used in animal husbandry. It was given to cattle to increase weight and increase appetite alpha pharma dbol. Trenbolone in its original form has a limited validity, therefore, […]

Fish oil in bodybuilding

The use of fish oil derived from fatty fish species, in bodybuilding due to the presence of essential omega-3-acid. It includes vitamins, and antioxidants. A common form of this product are soft capsules that are sold in every pharmacy. Omega-3 is a beneficial unsaturated alpha pharmaceuticals essential acids. They are not produced in the human […]

The program of training in the hall on weight

To design a training program in the gym on a lot easier than you think. Enough to have an idea about the basics of the training process, to independently develop a program buy steroids online to increase muscle mass. The main thing is to understand the basics of what should be an effective exercise for […]

The peptide GHRP-2

A distinctive feature of the peptide GHRP-2 is that the active substance of the drug, unlike similar tools, can be acquired not only during the injection. It is the properties of matter was the main reason for such high demand for the drug. It is taken as a stimulant of growth hormone secretion. The drug […]

Carbohydrates on drying

The main purpose of drying is to reduce subcutaneous fatty deposits and increase the prominence of the musculature. To achieve such a result became possible due to dietary restrictions and the observance of a certain diet. From competitive bodybuilders have two main tools to achieve the best forms for participation in competitions — masonboro and […]

Bradley Martin bodybuilding

Pharmaceutical tablets, as described, are the product of the chemical industry, but it will help you build real muscle mass. It’s also a lot of feedback, not only ordinary athletes, but also real professionals. Order sports nutrition and high quality services, click here. Swim category fitness shoes Men’s Clothing Sports Nutrition Accessories Shaker Bottle bodybuilding […]

Lipid Stabil

Description Lipid Stabil – a medicinal supplement to maintain normal cholesterol levels and overall health of the cardiovascular system. The drug was designed specifically as a supplement for athletes who use steroids, especially useful during a steroid cycle. Formula is aimed at maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system on four areas: 1) reduction in […]

Proscar (Finasteride)

Clinico-pharmacological group Drug for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia Release form, composition and packing Tablets, coated blue color film; in the form of an where to buy steroids apple, with the engraving “of MSD 72 ‘on one side and” PROSCAR “- on the other. 1 tab. finasteride 5 mg Excipients: lactose monohydrate, pregelatinized starch […]

Winstrol (Stanozolol)

Stanozolol is quite common and popular steroid. It is used in many sports, such as boxing, ultimate fighting, bodybuilding, track and weightlifting. He Buyer is better known under the brand “Winstrol” names “Strombafort”, “Stanabol”. What Stanozolol better reviews will help determine the athletes who used the drug, as well as the recommendation of the coach. […]


Aromatization of testosterone Testosterone – the primary substrate in the male body, which serves for the synthesis of estrogen (estradiol), the main female sex hormone. Despite the fact that the presence of estrogen may seem quite uncommon in men, this hormone is structurally very similar to testosterone. With a slight change in the enzyme aromatase, […]

Orotic Acid: Overlooked & Under-Appreciated

Characteristics of orotic acid agents The white crystalline powder and odorless. Very slightly soluble in water, it is – in boiling water; almost insoluble in ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, chloroform; easily soluble in sodium hydroxide solution. Pharmacology Mode of action – anabolic . It provides the synthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides within the nucleic acids involved […]

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is very similar to testosterone enantan. Although half lives and active state they are different. Cypionate requires frequent administration. Testosterone – the King of those who seek to gain weight without any material costs. It is effective by itself or together with other substances. The drug has some side effects: Testosterone cypionate can […]